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Check Ur Insurance!

The most efficient and practical web based tool that validates dental insurance information of patients.

Real Time Breakdown

Check Ur Insurance

provides real time breakdown of patients dental insurance

Allows focus on patients

Check Ur Insurance

allows dental clinics to focus on what they do best taking care of their patients.

Becomes partners and reduces costs

Check Ur Insurance

works in partnership with the clinics to determine patients dental insurance. CUI allows to reduce staffing costs.

What is CUI?

Check Ur Insurance is a one stop shop for validating dental insurance information of patients. Our dedicated resources will contact various dental insurance carriers, gather the data required, and present the patient’s insurance information to you whenever required. You will no longer have to dedicate resources within your staff to perform this task; it will be completed by us. As scheduled patients arrive to the clinics, you will be presented with all the information gathered by our expert resources on Check Ur Insurance 

CUI Advantages

Check Ur Insurance is a tool that was designed with most clinics in mind, and can be tailored to accommodate the specific needs of your clinic. Our goal is take the burden of validating patient insurance information off of your tasks, and help you focus on patient care. Utilizing this tool will also allow to grow your business, without incurring the cost of increasing staffing requirements.