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Custom reports can be tailored specifically for an office. CUI can handle multiple offices and users can be restricted to specific offices.

Introducing Check Ur Insurance – a comprehensive solution for validating patients’ dental insurance details. Our specialized team will engage with a range of dental insurance providers, compile essential data, and furnish you with the patient’s insurance particulars whenever you need them. No longer will you need to allocate your staff’s time and effort to this task; we’ve got it covered. As your scheduled patients enter your offices, you’ll gain access to the comprehensive insights gathered by our proficient Check Ur Insurance specialists through our secure online platform. Additionally, the choice to generate information in print via reports is at your fingertips.

Your Role:

Simply input the patient’s information requiring insurance validation into our secure portal.

Our Commitment:

We’re here to unburden you from the insurance validation process. Our dedicated team members assigned to your office will communicate directly with insurance carriers, compile the insurance information, and securely store it within our online platform. We provide the necessary framework to facilitate these interactions.

Our devoted experts will identify the patient records necessitating updates. Subsequently, they will liaise with insurance carriers to acquire the required information. Once gathered, this data will be promptly accessible to your office presented in tailor-made reports or accessible online. The insurance details are available within the application at any time or can be conveniently printed as reports.


You must have a Check Ur Insurance account to enter the system. If you do not have a Check Ur Insurance account please click Get Registered to create one. If you forgot the password, then please give us a call at 951-479-1967 or email at

Make Check Ur Insurance your primary and comprehensive site to validate insurance information. Please give us a call at 951-479-1967 or email at to see if Check Ur Insurance is right for your office.