We Will Make The Calls That No One Wants To Make!

What is CUI?

Custom reports can be tailored specifically for an office. CUI can handle multiple offices and users can be restricted to specific offices.

Check Ur Insurance is a one-stop shop for validating dental insurance information of patients. Our dedicated resources will contact various dental insurance carriers, gather the data required, and present the patient’s insurance information to you whenever required. You will no longer have to dedicate resources within your staff to perform this task; it will be completed by us. As scheduled patients arrive at the clinics, you will be presented with all the information gathered by our expert resources on Check Ur Insurance secure online application.You will also have the option to print the information through reports.

What you do?
Simply enter patient’s information that requires insurance validation to this secured site.

What we will do?
We will take the burden of validating insurance off your shoulders. Our resources that are dedicated to your clinic will contact the insurance carriers, capture the insurance information and store it in the online application. Necessary infrastructure will be provided by us for making these calls.

Our dedicated resource will check which patient information has to be updated and then call the insurance carriers and work with them to collect this information. Once the information is collected it will be readily available for your office in customized reports or online. Insurance information can be viewed at any time within the application or printed as reports.


You must have a Check Ur Insurance account to enter the system. If you do not have a Check Ur Insurance account please click Get Registered to create one. If you forgot the password, then please give us a call at 951-479-1967 or email at info@checkurinsurance.com.

Make Check Ur Insurance your primary and comprehensive site to validate insurance information. Please give us a call at 951-479-1967 or email at info@checkurinsurance.com to see if Check Ur Insurance is right for your office.