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There are no set-up or monthly fees and billing is strictly on the time dedicated to insurance verifications. Status reports provided with monthly invoices.

Check Ur Insurance is a one-stop shop for validating insurance information of patients. Our dedicated resources will contact various insurance carriers, gather the data required, and present the patient’s insurance information to you whenever required. You will no longer have to dedicate resources within your staff to perform this task; it will be completed by us. As scheduled patients arrive at the clinics, you will be presented with all the information gathered by our resources on Check Ur Insurance secure online application.

At Check Ur Insurance we verify General/Specialty services like Endo, Perio, Oral Surgery, Ortho and all Major work and even specialty verifications. Over the years we have determined the information necessary for each kind of verification and our insurance specialist are trained to ask the right questions to the insurance companies.

There are no setup fees or monthly costs. We even do the first five patient verifications at no cost. We charge on an hourly basis and only charge for the hours worked. We have estimated the average time it takes to do full, partial, orthodontics or specialty verification. Based on those estimations the no of hours is calculated. Daily time sheets for the work done is available so you will know exactly what work was done. Status reports that detail the work that was done is provided with monthly invoices.

Yes, we can. Our software allows us to provide a unique login for every user and the user can be assigned to one office or multiple offices. Also, if a user needs to be restricted then we can easily disable their access from the system.

Check Ur Insurance insurance specialist enter all the information received from the insurance company into our proprietary software. Once the data is entered then it can be accessed anytime from any place as it resides on the web. A user can log in and can either review the data or print out reports. CUI also tracks the transaction history that helps in knowing when all the verifications were done.

It is very simple to get started with Check Ur Insurance. We just need to know information about the users and the offices in the practice. We do need to sign some standard contracts. Once that is taken care of, then a CUI insurance specialist will provide training on the software so all users will have the knowledge of the application. After that, the personnel in the office will enter the patient information and from there CUI team will take over and do all the verification and provide the information back.