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CUI Advantages

CUI obtains dental insurance eligibility & breakdowns of patients and displays the information on a secure website designed for the dental offices.

Check Ur Insurance is a tool that was designed with most clinics in mind and can be tailored to accommodate the specific needs of your clinic. Our goal is to take the burden of validating patient insurance information off of your tasks and help you focus on patient care. Utilizing this tool will also allow growing your business, without incurring the cost of increasing staffing requirements.

Some of the advantages of Check Ur Insurance are as follows:

  • Allows dental office staff to dedicate their office hours performing office duties and focus on customer care.
  • CUI captures and provides benefit information for General/Specialty services like Endo, Perio, Oral Surgery, Ortho and all Major work.
  • CUI performs patients’ verification with all insurance companies such as Delta Dental, United Concordia, Cigna, Aetna, Guardian, Anthem, MetLife & more.
  • CUI provides dedicated service so your emergencies will be our priority.
  • Access to patients’ detailed benefit report & history.
  • Patient database is within a click away.
  • Accessibility to patient’s information and their insurance carriers 24/7.
  • Reduce your staffing cost while improving quality of service in your clinic.
  • Cut your staff’s benefits cost and Workers Compensation.
  • Software designed for your clinics’ requirements.
  • Continuous support for your business needs as more requirements arise.
  • No setup fees or contracts. Only hours worked are billed at a low hourly rate.
  • Daily time sheets available to show work done.
  • First, five verification is done at no charge.
  • No need for any software just access to the internet required.
  • Easy setup and in no time get verification process started.
  • All users have unique logins therefore secure access.
  • Can handle multiple offices in a dental practice.

Our goal is to guarantee that your satisfaction will not be comprised and that all your needs are met. Please join our family.

Give us a call at 951-479-1967 or email at info@checkurinsurance.com to see if Check Ur Insurance is right for your office.